January Monthly Mail

UPDATE ON THE GRAND MASTER –  He is doing well and back to business.

The Grand Lodge Officers are committed to proceed with the 2021 Grand Lodge Session like pre-pandemic. A letter about the hotel and other items are contained in this Monthly Mail. Should anything change you will have ample notice to cancel your reservations without penalty. Here’s the link for making hotel reservations online and it is also in the letter: Grand Lodge of Florida

Due to COVID-19 the George Washington National Memorial Association is no longer printing and mailing the Light Newsletter but it is being posted to their website for downloading at https://gwmemorial.org/pages/light

Due to the threat of the Coronavirus, all Board Meetings continue being held via video conferencing or at a place to be determined by the Grand Master until further notice. We cannot afford to bring any serious illnesses to the Masonic Home and risk the health and safety of our residents as well as our Masonic Home Staff.

Please go to our website to download or view the January Monthly Mail:    http://grandlodgefl.com/glfl_monthlymail.html

You will find the following items included in the Grand Lodge January Monthly Mail on the website:

  1. Corporate Board Minutes for December
  2. Board of Trustees Minutes for December
  3. Proclamation designating March of 2021 “MASONIC YOUTH MONTH”
  4. Executive Order No. 2 on Ad Valorem Taxes – VERY IMPORTANT
  5. Executive Order No. 3 on the Annual Grand Communication
  6. Executive Order No. 4 on IRS filing of 990 – VERY IMPORTANT MUST BE DONE BEFORE MAY 15th
  7. Letter on Annual Grand Communication and Hotel Information
  9. Flyer on DeMolay Paint Ball Fundraiser on 2/20/21 at Venice Lodge
  10. Flyer on DeMolay Yearbook Advertisement
  11. Flyer on Arabian Nights Fundraiser on 3/13/21
  12. Flyer on BBQ Fundraiser for Junior Grand Warden Fund on 4/24/21
  13. Flyer on Brotherhood Lodge No. 372 Charity Raffle
  14. Flyer on Florida Lodge of Research Meeting on 3/3/21

See July Monthly Mail for the following:

Flyer on a fundraiser for the Junior Grand Warden April 17, 2021 at Hernando Shrine Club

See September Monthly Mail for the following:

Directive No. 11 from the Grand Master waiving the requirements of the investigation and balloting on the 6 month advancement period of candidates, E.A.’s, and F.C.’s

See October Monthly Mail for the following:

Directive No. 13 on COVID restrictions

See November Monthly Mail for the following:

Lodge Officers Reporting Form – Please send info immediately after the Election of Officers per Regulation 22.03

L.Y.P.M.G.C. 4th Quarter Letter and Reporting Form (page 2)


Wendy John
Office Manager
The Grand Lodge of Florida
P.O. Box 1020
Jacksonville, FL 32201-1020
Phone: 904-354-2339
Fax: 904-632-3865

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