Lecturers in the 18th Masonic District

R∴ W∴ Jim Rocha* – EA, FC, MM
727-724-9088 – egypt2007@msn.com (Tampa Bay Lodge)

R∴ W∴ Howard Knapp* – EA, FC, MM
727-643-0266 – hwknapp@tampabay.rr.com (Gulf Beach Lodge)

R∴ W∴  F. Ed Street* – EA, FC, MM
727-644-9927 – estreet1@tampabay.rr.com (Pinellas Daylight Lodge)

R∴ H∴ Tom Quay* – EA, FC, MM
727-465-4195 – tquay1@brighthouse.com (St. Petersburg Lodge)

R∴ W∴ Bill Sundquist* – EA, FC, MM
727-542-3805 – bsundquist@sprynet.com (Nitram Lodge)

Br∴ Rick Linder * – EA, FC, MM
(727) 501.5837 –  ricklinder@gmail.com  (Tampa Bay Lodge)

R∴ W∴  Brian Campbell – MM
813-503-0633 – brian@camfam.com (Sutherland Lodge)


R∴H∴ Mike Rhoades – EA
Wmy2k7@gmail.com (Tampa Bay Lodge)

R∴W∴  Derryl O’Neal – EA
727-409-6068 – Derryl.ONeal@gmail.com (Gulf Beach Lodge)

Br∴  Bobby Burkett II – FC
727-785-0600 – bobby.burkett@gmail.com (Gulf Beach Lodge)

W∴  Kenny Carolan * – EA, FC, MM
727-609-618-3077 – megasteelman@aol.com (Tarpon Lodge)

*Denotes a Gold Card Holder of the Grand Lodge of Florida

If you are a brother in either District who is proficient in one of the three Lectures, please let us know at: webmaster@suncoastmasons.org so we can add you to the list!


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