2021 LPGA Pelican Women’s Championship Golf Tournament

Only two spots left, Friday 10:30 til close and Saturday 10:30 til close

I hope you all are well.  The SMMA has been contacted by Spectrum Promotions and they were asking us for help staffing a tent at the Pelican Golf Tournament. in Belleair, FL.  This is an LPGA tournament and will be taking place 11/10 – 11/14/21.  I know this is short notice, but the manpower requirements seem manageable.  Also, Spectrum was the event coordinator at Valspar 2 years ago, and were really impressed with us. 

This could be an opening for future events and fundraising.  The event will take place at: Pelican Golf Club, 1501 Indian Rocks Rd; Belleair, FL, 33756.  At this time. we are asking for your help in signing-up for shifts.  Attached for your use is a copy of the sign-up sheet. Please review it and contact RW Wendling with your sign-up information.  Besides your name, we would like your phone number, email address, and Lodge.  His email address is vip1270@gmail.com.  As we have a short timeline, please respond as soon as you can.  Thank you very much for your attention.
All the best,
Frank GaughenSMMA

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