Pinellas Shrine Club 2021 Cold Sands and Beach Weekend

Brothers of District 18, the Pinellas Shrine Club – Egypt Shriners would like to invite you to a Beach Weekend, and to consider becoming Shriners!!!
If you have been considering joining the Shrine, now is the time to do so when you can join and become a member right here in Pinellas County…and on the beach!
The rate to join is $275 which includes your 2022 dues (a nearly $150 value), but we need you to turn your petitions in before July 1 so they can be approved in time for our Cold Sands on July 31st (details below).
If you are interested in joining and being a part of this unique experience you can download the Petition below at, select Petition for Membership, and let us know by emailing us at!
If you just want to join in the FEZ-tivities of the Beach weekend, you’re more than welcome to do so as well. Learn more on our website here:

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