February Monthly Mail


We are very saddened to inform you that R:.W:. David A. Henderson passed away on February 25, 2021. R:.W:. Henderson was a 23 year member of Nitram Lodge No. 188 and served the Grand Lodge on many committees for many years. We do not have information on services at this time and will notify you as soon we get the information. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

The 2021 Masters and Secretaries Directory is attached.

From the Grand Secretary:
My Brothers, We as Freemasons are always searching for ways to increase our Masonic Education and knowledge. The Masonic Renewal Committee of North America has put together a website that will give you the information you need to help further your Masonic journey. You will be able to view and upload documents, PowerPoint presentations, etc., on a wide range of Masonic topics that can be shared with Masons all over the world and that can be enjoyed in a password protected setting.  Please click the following link to start utilizing this great tool https://www.masonicrenewal.org/ Forward this link to all your Masonic email lists. 

The Circumscribe Help Desk is back up and running and can be accessed by the following link: https://circumscribehelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us   

The Grand Lodge Officers are committed to proceed with the 2021 Grand Lodge Session like pre-pandemic. A letter about the hotel and other items are contained in this Monthly Mail. Should anything change you will have ample notice to cancel your reservations without penalty. Here’s the link for making hotel reservations online and it is also in the letter: Grand Lodge of Florida 

Due to COVID-19 the George Washington National Memorial Association is no longer printing and mailing the Light Newsletter but it is being posted to their website for downloading at https://gwmemorial.org/pages/light 

Due to the threat of the Coronavirus, all Board Meetings continue being held via video conferencing or at a place to be determined by the Grand Master until further notice. We cannot afford to bring any serious illnesses to the Masonic Home and risk the health and safety of our residents as well as our Masonic Home Staff.

Attached to this email are 2 memorandums regarding Grand Lodge Dues Cards being issued to Honorary, Memorial Lodge, and Florida Lodge of Research Members. 

The Bulletin of changes to the various directories is attached to this email and not posted to the website. 

Please go to our website to download or view the February Monthly Mail:    http://grandlodgefl.com/glfl_monthlymail.html 

You will find the following items included in the Grand Lodge February Monthly Mail on the website: 

  1. Corporate Board Minutes for January
  2. Board of Trustees Minutes for January
  3. a & b – Pre-Registration Letter and Form for the 192nd Annual Grand Communication
  4. L.Y.P.M.G.C. 1st Quarter Letter and Report Form (Form on Page 2)
  5. Flyer on Diamonds and Gold Fundraiser for the Masonic Home Lady’s Project on 4/10/2021 in Fort Lauderdale
  6. Flyer on Degrees to be held at the Tampa Scottish Rite for 6 Short of Time EA & FC Brothers on 5/1/2021
  7. Flyer on Table Lodge at Springs Lodge No. 378 on 9/25/2021

 See July Monthly Mail for the following:
Flyer on a fundraiser for the Junior Grand Warden April 17, 2021 at Hernando Shrine Club

See September Monthly Mail for the following:
Directive No. 11 from the Grand Master waiving the requirements of the investigation and balloting on the 6 month advancement period of candidates, E.A.’s, and F.C.’s

See October Monthly Mail for the following:
Directive No. 13 on COVID restrictions

See January Monthly Mail for the following:
Flyer on Arabian Nights Fundraiser on 3/13/21Flyer on BBQ Fundraiser for Junior Grand Warden Fund on 4/24/21  

Wendy John
Office Manager
The Grand Lodge of Florida
P.O. Box 1020
Jacksonville, FL 32201-1020
Phone: 904-354-2339
Fax: 904-632-3865

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