November Monthly Mail

UPDATE ON THE GRAND MASTER –  He had open heart surgery and is now recovering as expected. Each day he is getting stronger and is anxious to get back to his normal self and be able to resume his normal activities. Please keep him in your prayers for continued recovery. Please no phone calls.

Information on the passing of Past Grand Master John R. Thomas and Past Grand Master Robert D. Trump was sent in a separate email and is also attached to this email.  (added after email from the Grand Master was sent: Prior to his passing, M:.W:. Bob said that if anything should happen to him that memorial donations may be made to the Masonic Home of Florida.)

It is with an extremely heavy heart that we notify you of the passing of Mrs. Rita Arrington, wife of R:.W:. Jackie Arrington, W:. Grand Marshal, on December 6, 2020. Please keep R:.W:. Jackie and their family in your thoughts and prayers.

LODGE SECRETARIES: When filling out your 2021 Lodge Officers Reporting Form, please note the following:

  1. Make sure to use the 2021 Lodge Officers Reporting Form and not a form from a previous year.
  2. Please make sure to type in your name on the signature line on the bottom of this form if you are filling it out electronically before sending it.
  3. **If you are emailing this form back please do not mail it also.**
  4. If you print and mail this form please make sure to sign it before mailing it.
  5. We also need this form for Memorial Lodge Officers as well.
  6. Do NOT report these via the Secretaries Portal. We need the form filled out and returned.
  7. If you report in Circumscribe you still have to submit this 2021 Lodge Officers Reporting Form.

LODGE SECRETARIES: We are starting to mail the 2019 LYPMGC and Masonic Education award tabs. Please open your mail very carefully.

The George Washington Memorial Association has digitized The Grand Lodge of Florida’s Proceedings and they are all in a searchable format. Please visit the following link to check out this wonderful tool (the link is also posted on the Secretary’s Portal):

The Corporate Board voted to increase the price of Widows Packages to $5.00 in order to cover an increase in cost of the pins and portfolios.

Due to the threat of the Coronavirus, all Board Meetings continue being held via video conferencing or at a place to be determined by the Grand Master until further notice. We cannot afford to bring any serious illnesses to the Masonic Home and risk the health and safety of our residents as well as our Masonic Home Staff.

SECRETARIES: If you received a letter from the National Hotel and Restaurant Registry, just ignore it is junk mail.

The Bulletin of changes to the various directories is attached to this email and not posted to the website.

Please go to our website to download or view the November Monthly Mail:

You will find the following items included in the Grand Lodge November Monthly Mail on the website:

  1. Grand Master’s Calendar for December and January
  2. Corporate Board Minutes for October
  3. Board of Trustees Minutes for October
  4. Lodge Officers Reporting Form – Please send info immediately after the Election of Officers per Regulation 22.03
  5. L.Y.P.M.G.C. 4th Quarter Letter and Reporting Form (page 2)
  6. Final Membership Information Certification (form on page 2) – This is to certify that you have sent ALL membership changes to our office or reported electronically

See July Monthly Mail for the following:

  • Nomination Form for Elected Lodge Officers (in fillable PDF format)
  • Flyer on a fundraiser for the Junior Grand Warden April 17, 2021 at Hernando Shrine Club

See August Monthly Mail for the following:

  • Flyer on a Roast of M:.W:. Thomas L. Turlington, Jr., Grand Master, on December 19th at the Bahia Shrine

See September Monthly Mail for the following:

  • Directive No. 11 from the Grand Master waiving the requirements of the investigation and balloting on the 6 month advancement period of candidates, E.A.’s, and F.C.’s
  • Flyer on Raffle for Gun Range Membership for Masters & Wardens of the 15th Masonic District Fundraiser
  • Flyer on Grand Lodge Museum Fundraiser Raffle

See October Monthly Mail for the following:

  • Directive No. 13 on COVID restrictions
  • Flyer on the annual Pink Lodge at Olin S. Wright Lodge No. 79 – February 13, 2021


Wendy John
Office Manager
The Grand Lodge of Florida
P.O. Box 1020
Jacksonville, FL 32201-1020
Ph. (904) 354-2339
Fax (904) 632-3865

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