Bikes for Books!

The 12th Annual “Bikes for Books” presentation was held on Friday May 24 in the
Dunedin Elementary Courtyard.Six Officers of Dunedin Lodge No. 192 were present including Worshipful Master Dave Boddy, Junior Warden Mike St. Laurent , Secretary Mike Palenik, Chaplain Ken Giesow, Tyler Dick Casper, and Senior Deacon Greg Brown who is also Chairman of Bikes for Books Committee, and made the presentation..
Dunedin Lodge started the “Bikes for Books” program as a way to encourage the students of Dunedin Elementary School to increase their reading skills. The teachers assign extra reading assignments and, as the students complete the assignments, their name is placed in a hat and at the end of the School year two names are drawn from each class, one boy and one girl. This year gift certificates for a helmet and a bike lock were included with each bike.
To date the Lodge has donated 144 bikes at a cost of over $12,000. All the money was raised by donations from members and friends of Dunedin Lodge No. 192.bieks

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