45 Masons Attend SMMA Meeting

45 Masons from District 18 representing 11 lodges enjoyed a wonderful evening of fellowship at the SMMA meeting last night held at Tampa Bay Lodge. A wonderful chicken dinner (prepared by Junior Warden R:.W:. Ronald McMillan) was enjoyed by everyone in attendance,

W:. Rick Wendling was installed by M:.W:. Rick Hoover as President of the association for 2019. W:. Brian Moffat was installed as 1st Vice President, and R:.W:. Howard Knapp was installed as 2nd Vice President. R:. W:. Frank Gaughen was installed as Secretary, and W:. Gregg Hanke as Executive Board Member. Absentee officers will be installed at a later date.

Some of the future activities discussed were the pistol shoot, Valspar golf tournament, and pilgrimage day at the Masonic Home. Please check the association calendar on our website for activity dates and times.

The association members present approved a new “media committee” with R:.W:. Howard Knapp as chairman and brothers Joe Sosa and Jeff Snyder as committeeman. The purpose of the committee is to keep communications and information current on our association website, Facebook page, and Twitter.

A wonderful time was had by all in attendance. W:. Aaron Cardenas of Tampa Bay Lodge passed the association gavel onto W:. David Neville of Gulf Beach Lodge where the March meeting will be held.

Traveling gavel is at Tarpon Lodge No. 112

Hot Gavel is at Dunedin Lodge No. 192

Unity Gavel is at Gulf Beach Lodge No. 291



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