SMMA Elects 2019 Officers at November 21st meeting.


Thirty five Masons enjoyed much fellowship while attending the SMMA meeting on November 21st at the Masonic Home. R∴W∴ Robert Lambert, candidate for the Grand South, was in attendance and took questions from the members present regarding his platform and plan for the fraternity if he were to become Grand Master.

The SMMA officers for 2019 were elected and will be installed at the January meeting.

  • President: W∴ Rick Wendling
  • 1st Vice President: W∴ Brian Moffat
  • 2nd Vice President: R∴W∴ Howard Knapp
  • Secretary: R∴W∴ Frank Gaughen
  • Treasurer: R∴W∴ Glen Bishop
  • XCom: 1year: W∴ Gregg Hanke
  • XCom: 2 year: R∴H∴ Tom Quay

Please mark your calendars for the locations of the meetings for 2019.

  • January – Tampa Bay Lodge No. 252
  • March – Gulf Beach Lodge No. 291
  • May – Clearwater Lodge No. 127
  • July – St. Petersburg Lodge No. 139
  • September- Star Lodge No. 78
  • November – Masonic Home

W∴ Rick Wendling announced that SMMA shirts are available now in Polo style or button up. Please contact him if interested in purchasing one.

SMMA shirts



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